Mission Statement

This is The Home-bound Booze Hound daily podcast.

The Home-bound Booze Hound is a daily news show highlighting a story from the world of alcohol with a little bit of opinion from me, Jay Hardy, a stay at home dad.

Starting Monday, July 1st, 2013, I will post a 5 to 15 minute audio podcast, every weekday, and a compilation of the entire week’s worth of shows on the weekend. I’ll do this for as long as I am staying home taking care of my family. Staying home with a baby all day tends to mush the brain cells and this show is an attempt to stay sharp for when I inevitably have to go and get a real job again. Babysitting is easy but real responsibility can fade when all you have to do is nap and play in the park all day.

So I’m calling on my love of alcohol, my knowledge of audio recording and my internet blogging experience to bring you what I hope will be your daily stop for booze news. With a maybe a bit of my unemployed parenting experiences thrown in.

Subscribe on iTunes or get the audio from right here on WordPress.

homeboundboozehound@gmail.com is the email address.

Talk to you Monday!


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